Off Bike Training

To compete at top level motorcycle racing you need to have high physical fitness. Without this, tiredness will lead to a lack of concentration resulting in a reduction in lap times. This is never ideal when racing on board a 150mph+ motorcycle. Even with Ben's busy lifestyle, he still manages to find time to be out training hard. One of Ben's favourite ways to keep physically fit is running. Ben will try to go out at least once a week on a steady long distance run exceeding 7 miles depending on his chosen route.


Whenever possible on a Saturday morning 9am, Ben will attend and compete in a weekly 5km "Parkrun" event. These running races are held in local parks around the country. The Coventry Parkrun event regularly has up to 400 competitors of all ages. Ben's personal best finish in Coventry is 51/379, and in Redditch finishing 22/255.


Once or twice a week after work, Ben will attend the local gym. It is well equipped with both cardio and weight machines. Ben uses the gym for some weight training to coincide with his distance running.


Aside from running and weight training, when Ben was at university he regularly attended karting events with the university karting club. This was especially handy when there are lengthy breaks in-between racing rounds. This helped Ben's mind stay active reducing the amount of time that his brain was at rest. Unfortunately Karting has taken a back step having now finished university.


On numerous occasions during his time at university, Ben had represented Coventry University for both Athletics and Karting. The photograph above shows Ben leading the group during a 2km indoor inter-university race in the Sheffield Indoor Athletics Track. The photograph below shows Ben competing in the Coventry Karting Championship starting from pole position at Whilton Mill Karting Circuit. 2014